Our Products

Pipeline Tube & Casing Limited complete range of piping products, valves and accessories; both from stock and ex-mill/production. All items are produced by first class independent mills/manufacturing plants which have been approved according to our Q.A. system and certified by the relevant International organisations (A.P.I., Lloyds, Bureau Veritas, D.N.V. etc.).

Our vast range enables us to supply bulk materials on a project package basis where sub commodity purchasing is not cost effective.

Pipes & Piping, Carbon & Alloy Steel

Seamless Carbon Steel Pipes

  • API 5L GR B 
  • API 5L X42 to X70 
  • ASTM 
  • A53 GR B 
  • ASTM 
  • A106 GR B

Welded Pipes - DSAW, ERW HFI

  • API 5L GR B
  • API 5LX X42 to X70
  • ASTM A 672

Alloy Steel Pipes For High Temperatures

  • Seamless ASTM A335 grades P5, P9, P11, P22, P91
  • Welded ASTM A691 all grades

Steel Pipes For Low Temperature Service

  • Seamless and ERW welded ASTM A333 GR3 & GR6
  • Welded to ASTM A671 all grades

Coatings, Linings

  • External PVC & PE tape wrapping
  • Bitumen, coal tar enamel, coal tar epoxy
  • Low & high density polyethylene (LDPE/HDPE)
  • Fusion bonded epoxy

Fabrication & Special Finishes

  • Complete fabrication service, spool pieces
  • Galvanizing, threading & coupling
  • Special end preparations
  • Cut lengths

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Fittings, Flanges & Accessories

Pipeline Tube & Casing Limited provides a comprehensive range of fittings, flanges and ancillary items in materials to match the PTCL pipe range as detailed. Stock, ex-mill, or special manufacture delivery basis, available.

Welding Fittings

  • Seamless butt weld to ASTM A234 WPB & WPC
  • Large diameter butt weld ASTM A234 WPB & WPC welded construction with 100% radiography
  • High yield fittings - grades X42 to X70
  • Low temperature steels ASTM A420 WPL3 & WPL
  • Alloy steel fittings ASTM A234 WP5, WP9, WP11, WP22

Forged Flanges

  • Carbon steel to ASTM A105/ANSI B16.5
  • Large diameter with dimensions to MSS SP44, API 605, BS 3293
  • Flanges acc to ASTM A105/API 6B classes 5000, 10000, 15000
  • High yield steel grades F42 to F70
  • Low temperature to ASTM A350 LF2 & LF3
  • Alloy steel to ASTM A182 F1, F5, F9, F11, F22
  • Orifice flanges to ANSI B16.36
  • Line blinds & spacers/spectacle blinds
  • Special face finishes - smooth, flat face etc.
  • Reducing flanges
  • Tongue and grooved, RTJ etc.

Threaded & Socket Weld Forged Steel Fittings

  • Pressure ratings:- 2000, 3000, 6000 & 9000lb
  • Carbon steel to ASTM A105
  • High yield grades X42 to X70
  • Low temp. steel ASTM A350 LF2 & LF3
  • Alloy steel ASTM A182 F5, F9, F11, F22
  • Outlet fittings (butt & socket weld, threaded etc.) Weldolet, sockolet, threadolet etc.
  • Flanged outlet fittings
  • Special End Preparations


  • Bolts & studbolts
  • Gaskets, CAF, spiral wound including asbestos free
  • Ring joints

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O.C.T.G. Casing & Tubing

Pipeline Tube & Casing Limited supplies a large range of standard and premium joint, casing and tubing. With access to worldwide stocks and first quality independent mills for special production, PTCL can match your requirement and offer a service second to none.

Seamless Tubing

  • According to API 5CT
  • Upper and non upset ends
  • External API round threads
  • Grades H40, J55, N80, L80, C90, T95, P110
  • Special alloys & stainless steels
  • Premium threads Atlas Bradford

Casing Pipes

  • According to API 5CT
  • External API round threads - short and long type
  • API buttress threads
  • API extreme line
  • Seamless up to and including 13 3/8” O.D
  • ERW/HFI welded pipes 6 5/8” to 20” O.D
  • Premium threads Atlas Bradford etc.
  • Grades H40, J55, K55, N80, L80, C90, C95, T95, P110
  • Special alloys and stainless steel

Ancillary Items

  • Pup joints
  • Stabbing guides
  • Wellhead fittings

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Stainless Steel & Special Alloys

Pipeline Tube & Casing Limited supplies a large range of standard and premium joint, casing and tubing. With access to worldwide stocks and first quality independent mills for special production, PTCL can match your requirement and offer a service second to none.

Stainless Steel Pipes and Tubes

  • Seamless tubes ASTM A213 up to 5” dia.
  • Welded tubes ASTM A249 up to 5” dia.
  • Seamless & welded tubes ASTM A269-90a
  • Seamless & welded pipes ASTM A312
  • EFW welded pipes ASTM A358
  • Grades - 304/304L/304H* /316/316L/316H* /321/321H* /347/317*/317L* /310*
  • Super duplex pre 40

Fittings For Pipes & Tubes

  • Welding fittings ASTM A403, seamless & welded
  • Threaded & socked weld to ASTM A182 - 3000/6000 and 9000lb ratings
  • Outlet fittings - weldolets, sockets, etc.
  • Compression fittings single and twin ferrule - grade 316/316L

Forged Stainless Steel Flanges

  • Welding neck, slip on, blinds, lap joints, SW & threaded
  • 50/300/600/900/1500 & 2500lb ratings
  • According to ASTM A182
  • Grades to suit pipes as shown

Nickel Alloy Piping & Tubes

  • Pipes to -  ASTM B161 - B163/ASTM B163 - B165/ASTM B163 - B167 - B516/ASTM B444/ASTM B619 - B622 - B626
  • Fittings to ASTM B366 grades to match pipes

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Pipeline Tube & Casing Limited is able to supply a full range of valves for the Oil and Petrochemical Industries. All valves are produced by first class manufacturers approved by the recognised authorities (API etc.).

Forged & Cast Steel Valves

  • Gate, Globe & Check valves
  • API 600, API 602, BS 1873, BS 1868
  • 150/300/600/900/1500/ 2500ib ratings
  • Flanged, butt weld, threaded & socket weld
  • Carbon steel - WCB/A105
  • Alloy & Low temp steels
  • Stainless steel & high alloys

Ball Valves

  • One, two and three piece construction
  • End, side and top entry
  • Carbon alloy & Stainless steel
  • Flanged, butt weld, threaded & socket weld
  • Firesafe BS 6755/API 607
  • Design & testing API 598, BS 5351, ANSI B16.34, BS 6155, API 6D

Plug Valves

  • Lubricated & sleeved type
  • Cast carbon alloy and stainless steel
  • Handwheel & gear operated
  • Flanged connections
  • Designed to API 598, ANSI B16.34
  • Testing to API 598, API 6 D, ANSI B16.34

Butterfly Valves

  • Carbon & stainless steel
  • Handle and gear operated
  • Wafer type
  • Flanged high performance
  • 150/300 & 600lb rating
  • Seats & seals to order including Buna, Viton, EPDM etc.

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Pipeline Tube & Casing Limited is able to supply a wide range of plastic products is available and a full fabrication service is provided by our associate company Arel Plastics.

Plastics - Piping & Tubing

  • RTRP/GRP - glass reinforced plastics epoxy, vinylester, polyester etc. 25 to 3000mm dia. fabrication services available
  • ABS & PVC pipes, fittings and flanges
  • Polyethylene HD & LD piping systems
  • Nylaflow flexible pressure hoses
  • Acetal copolymer tubes up to 250mm dia.
  • Acrylic & polycarbonate tubes
  • Nylon 6 tubes up to 600mm diameter
  • PVC hose - reinforced & un reinforced
  • Polyurethane hose

Plastics - Engineering

  • Acrylic & Polycarbonate sheet & rod
  • PVC - unplasticised/rigid(UPVC) plasticised - flexible
  • ABS
  • PTFE
  • Polyester (Lylar/Melinex)
  • SRBP/SRBF/SRBGF (Tufnol etc.)
  • Polyacetal (Delrin)
  • Nylon & Nylatron
  • Polypropylene & HD Polypropylene
  • UHMW Polyethylene
  • Nomex, Engraving Laminates, Presspahn

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